Me Me is a hand-chosen representation of the world’s finest boutique brands and their products; all made with respect for craftsmanship, makers and the world we live in.

Its difficult for one small brand to be seen and heard in such a crowded world of giants. Yet, when we talk and act together in one voice, we are as strong as any giant. Me Me brings together boutique brands with the same mission of respect. Collectively we are stronger.


Me Me is the champion, storyteller, international marketers, and global shop for world-class boutique brands from around the globe. Me Me operates in one currency (US$) so that brands and customers have consistency of pricing, no matter where they are based. (Soon we will have localized currency convertors for all other currencies).

Me Me uses a Marketer-to-Consumer (M2C) model operated by a virtual marketing department strategically located around the world in eBranches. Each eBranch is run by a Managing Partner leading the development of branded content for brands on Me Me.

With only 50 invited brands per category, eBranches are able to develop personal relationships with brands, particularly those in their geographical region.

Me Me eBranches are based in different major international cities, but these are virtual offices only. We have no warehouses and no inventory.

This enables our brands to receive the majority of the purchase price, to present their entire range to the world, and have access to international audiences and world-class marketing support. It frees brands from upfront costs and risks of in-house or advertising agency-made marketing; in such a way that makes a direct correlation between marketing done and sales achieved.

Every product purchased is sent direct from the atelier or workshop of the respective brands. We've done this so that you can shop every item (including made-to-order and limited editions) in their range, rather than being limited to their best sellers, which is the usual practice for most retailers.

As such, you may receive multiple parcels from one purchase. If this is the case, there will be a nominal freight cost (US$5 same country, US$15 same continent/region, US$40 Rest of World) for the parcel from each brand, as they are located in every corner of the globe. This will slightly increase the total price , but remember, you are buying handmade, small-batch products from brands that respect craftsmanship, makers and the world we live in. Isn't it worth paying that little bit more?

Buying from Me Me helps these extraordinary brands succeed, thrive and scale with integrity.


It’s not easy for boutique businesses to survive in the shadows of luxury retail giants like Selfridges, net-a-porter and Chanel. The giants have economies of scale and vast distribution deals that enable them to offer free shipping for online purchases. Hand-crafted boutique brands have the additional burden of higher production costs, as they are making in small batches, made-to-order, bespoke, or one-offs, in order to maintain the integrity of skill in their craft. There are no factories, large production runs or face-less makers in our world.

Currently, when boutique brands offer free shipping, they are absorbing the cost from margins that are already small. This is why Me Me needs to charge a nominal freight fee for couriering your purchase. All purchases are drop shipped (sent direct from their atelier or workshop) to customer, as this enables Me Me to stock the entire range of each brand, rather than just a select few.

Brands represented on Me Me are located across 45 countries, many with prohibitive courier costs. Me Me's aim is to grow to an extend where we can provide our brands with global courier rates equivalent to the giants. Until then, we appreciate your support.